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The charity exibit is over.
Every day many people came and it was a great success.
Thank you very much!


September 26, 2010 8:46 AAAAAAH!

The other day, I received an autographed photo collection of UNICORN.
It’s great, I love it, makes me feel really good!
It even has “Dear Yukiko” on the cover.
I had asked a friend who was working on a collaboration work with one of the Unicorn member, Abe-san, for their autograph.  I was half joking, but they sent it to me right away.  And it wasn’t even just the autograph, but on their photo collection!
This friend sent me an encouragement message telling me that Abe-san is also thinking about me.  I am a very lucky person.  Cancer not only brings me suffering, but it also brings me good things too.  I knew I was getting this package, so when I received this at the nurse station, I opened it right away and showed off to the nurses!

To UNICORN members, thank you very much!  And KO-san who asked for this autograph, thanks so much.  This has given me a lot of energy!

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