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The charity exibit is over.
Every day many people came and it was a great success.
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November 17, 2010 17:08 Medication

I am currently prescribed the following drugs
to reduce side effects
to prevent infections
to prevent clogged blood vessels

When I was in Okayama, I was prescribed excessive amounts of medication that were added every time my symptoms became worse.  I didn't like to be under so much medication.  When I was constipated, laxatives were prescribed; when I threw up, anti-nausea drugs were added; and to prevent pain, a painkiller was used.
I was discouraged and felt depressed taking all those drugs, even though they were treatments to help my symptoms.
The only drug I appreciated was an antipyretic. Having a fever of 38 centigrade (100 F) every day was unbearable, so that when I felt my temperature go up, I asked the nurse for the drug.

Look, how am I doing now?  I am under much less medication.
I stopped using the morphine painkillers when I was released from the hospital.  Morphine was prescribed when I suffered pain in my chest, so I was thrilled when I decided to stop it. I thought I could start taking it again as soon as I felt the pain. Also I wanted to know how much pain I would have without it. It turned out I was ok without the drug, so the prescription was stopped after consultation with the doctors. If I keep taking unnecessary drugs, my immune system will weaken.  I am the only person that notices the pain.  I will keep watching my body and my condition carefully while I try to reduce the amount of medication.

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