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The charity exibit is over.
Every day many people came and it was a great success.
Thank you very much!


October 14, 2010 9:38 Recent Events

After moving to the new hospital my appetite has gradually improved; at first I could only eat with some effort, but now I'm hungrier and even though I ate a lot, after some time, I'm getting a bit hungry,'s getting better.
Since I've disclosed that I have cancer, I've received lots of information on effective treatments for cancer.  It's been great since I can't do all the research myself and the experiences of people and acquaintances help me a lot.  Masao-san and I too read a lot of books on cancer that we could get our hands on.  The things I'm doing stoically are a diet and vegetable juice and meditation.
The diet consists of lots of vegetables and no meat, fish, sugar and salt.  Mushrooms are supposed to be good for cancer so I'm eating a lot of it.  Eating a lot of vegetables has its limits, so vegetable juice is a must.  1.5 Litres (One and half quart) per day.  I have it delivered from home three times a day.
And I'm also taking some traditional Chinese medicine and an immuno booster recommended by my friend; these were prohibited when I was participating in the new drug tests.
Both cost a lot and if you had known about it in a magazine it would seem suspect at best, but I bought it since my friends and acquaintances told me that it was really good.
Thanks to it, my bowel movements are excellent
Nothing can be better than getting up in the morning, doing your business straight and clean, and eating a delicious breakfast on an empty stomach.  It's very fortunate to look forward to each morning and feel alive every morning.
About when I was moving out of Okayama Hospital, they had told me that they might have to put tubes into my neck to get an IV for nutrition because I risked blockage of the intestines...

Since I moved to this hospital, my condition has improved a lot and since I'm not connected to anything, I'm moving around a lot and my physical strength is coming back.  Before I couldn't even get up a single step on the staircase and needed was quite a shock to me that I couldn't get up.

The good thing about this hospital is that there is a garden on the third floor and you take a little walk and there is big bath tub on the highest floor, so you can take a dip while taking in the view of sky.  And, when I take the bath, somehow there is nobody there, so I have it all to myself.

Mixi (Japanese version of Facebook) has not been updated because my condition is getting better and I'm replying to all the e-mails and letters that I've received and getting out of the hospital because my condition is's not because of the side effects, so don't worry.

So I've updated mixi today and replying back might take some more time...I've allocated only so much time to e-mailing each apologies.
And this past week my friends from the states come from San Francisco and Texas to visit me. My condition was better and I wanted them to have a good time, so we went to a mall near the hospital, had my friends eat at home with me, and play with Yukuri.  Fukuyama doesn't have lot for sightseeing..seriously...
If it had been Okayama, there would have been lots....

They told me that they only wanted to see me, but since my condition was good, I thought I would have a good time within the appropriate confines.
Had a wheelchair in the mall too.
Even though my condition is better, I still can't walk or stand up for a long period of time.

This Friday, meaning tomorrow, if there are no problems with today's blood tests, the second cool of anti-cancer drugs will start.
The result of the first cool shows that the shadows of the cancer are getting thinner, so the growth seems to have slowed down.  The current anti-cancer drug seems to be working so we'll continue this drug called “Arimuta”.
This is all from your prayers, so please continue to pray that the anti-cancer drugs will continue to work.

However, anti-cancer drugs are only a life prolonging treatment.  If you continue using it, it'll stop working sooner or later and you have to use a different drug.  I've heard two and half year is max.
So when I get the chance I'd like to try the immunocytotherapy that my friend told me.

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