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October 8 2010 13:31 [Meaning of a] Word

There is a word I least want to hear ever since I’ve gotten cancer.

That is “ Poor thing…” i.e. [I feel] “sorry” [for you].

I do have cancer but that doesn’t mean I want to swap lives with someone else or pitied myself so when someone says that to me, it makes me feel really miserable.

Apparently, that’s the way I appear to others - something to be pitied on.

I don’t mind if you say it somewhere else but I don’t want you to say I feel sorry for you in my face, and I certainly don’t want someone to feel sorry for me.

I’ve received lots of love and discovered lots of invaluable things by having cancer.  & don’t think I’m trying too hard to mask the situation.  Sure, it was shocking to find out I have cancer but I think I am a happier person now than before.

So please don’t feel sorry for me.

Also, one more thing.  There are people who hesitate using the expression “Gambatte” since I’m already working hard but I don’t mind people saying more of that to me.  I take it as a sign of support that you are rooting for me. & that makes me happy and want to say thank you- I will make an effort.

“Gambare”(”hang in there”) is a word by those who are rooting for me and believing in me.
“Gambare”(”keep your chin up”) is a word that gives me a little kick when I’m feeling weak inside.

Thank you for always supporting me.
I will keep soldering on.

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