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The charity exibit is over.
Every day many people came and it was a great success.
Thank you very much!


October 16, 2010 14:04 Anti-cancer drug (the 2nd period) - the next day

Right before I take an anti-cancer drug, I was taking drip infusion. I heard there was some chemical in there to keeps me awake. Maybe that is why I couldn't sleep very well last night, and had a lot of random dreams. I don't remember any of the dreams what was about.
Last night, I felt my body was so heavy, just like I was wrapped by iron chains. Even though the heavy feeling was gone by the time when I woke up, my body feels so tired and dull, and now my head feels so heavy.
I think the same thing happened to me when I took the anti-cancer drug last time.
This is my condition on the next day I had the anti-cancer drug.

The above picture is my breakfast.
I asked hospital to skip my breakfast plan, and I usually make something what I want to eat.
Lately, my favorite is non sugar serial with yogurt and banana on top.
Raisin and banana are natural sweetener. It's pretty good. I also had Salad and Vegetable juice. When I get tired of serials, I eat brown rice bread roll. I prefer to eat bread for breakfast instead of Japanese traditional breakfast (Rice & Miso Soup).

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