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October 23, 2010 20:35 Immunocytotherapy - and then

Yesterday, Masao-san went to the clinic in Osaka and met with the doctor to discuss immunocytotherapy.  After that, we decided to have that treatment.
The blood component analysis turned out good and I can have the first IV as fast as next Thursday.

But I had a problem...

I asked the doctor here once again whether they can give me the IV but it was still impossible.  I asked desperately in vain..
I said “the current anti-cancer drugs can only continue up to 4 to 6 periods.  More I have them, more side effects I could have.  Even if the cancer becomes smaller with the anti-cancer treatment, the 5-year-survival rate for Stage 4 is 5%, isn't it?  Doctor, I want to live longer than that.”
But it did not work.
The doctor explained “because it has not been recognized from a mainstream medical perspective.”
There are hospitals implementing immunotherapy in Tokyo.  But it's not so popularly recognized.  It's not covered by an insurance policy.
I was about to say to the doctor that if you were me, can you give up your life in 5 years or even less?  I didn't because the doctor cannot say certain things and according to him, the decision has to be made at the hospital conference because it's a life and death matter.  But I mentioned that the clinic in Osaka could issue a letter saying it would take a full responsibility for the treatment if this hospital decided to perform the IV for me.
Thus, I asked friends to look for clinics / hospitals near Fukuyama City and Okayama City that can perform the IV procedures.
The best thing is that I go to Osaka. But I need the IV once a week and I would definitely need an escort.  It will be too expensive to commute every week.

I really hope a hospital nearby agrees to perform the IV procedures...

I want to post the very encouraging message of a girl who had lung cancer at the age of 24. I wanted everyone to have a look as I fully agree with her.
She declared that she would decide herself how to live her life.  She refused the anti-cancer treatment and she is still living fine.  It's great!  I trust she will be all right.
The doctors are not God.
They are persons who work as doctor.
They are not [me myself].

[I] am composed of an unbroken line of my will and choice.

The responsibility for my body only rests with me.

It's all [me] who feels pain and any other emotion.

It's ok to rely on the doctors.
But an important thing is,
instead of relying everything on them,
facing them while keeping myself on my feet
(not physically speaking)

Without help from your own body
no drug and treatment will work

With support of medication,
all your cells get going to heal

Any treatment works only based on the power a human being naturally has

Treatments will not come before you
You are all that matters

What is your goal?
What do you seek for?
How do you want to live going forward?

These questions are not only for patients
but for all people

A trivial talk by a little girl
But I wish this delivers [something] to someone's heart

Until I had a drug test, I did not do anything depending entirely on doctors that they could help me.

My cancer taught me it's not how things work in life.

The doctors here are very nice and I like them all.  But my cancer on the most recent CT and X-ray pictures is very big.  The anti-cancer drugs helped reduce the development of the cancer and the shadow became slightly less dark.  But it's not drastically working.  Until the cancer becomes small, I have to continue all kinds of anti-cancer drugs and bear all side effects, don't I?

Fine.  Then, I want to try  immunocytotherapy.
Fortunately, immunocytotherapy can be used together with the anti-cancer drugs.  If I try, sooner is better.

Can you give up your life so easily just because the doctor says the opposite?

I won't give up.

I will rely on the doctors where I can rely.  But after all, it's my life.  I don't want to have the doctor decide how long I can live.
As I said many times, the anti-cancer drugs only help you survive longer.  That's all the current medicine can do.  If I continue anti-cancer drugs and die within 5 years, the doctor will say “we did everything we could do but this is the limit of the current medicine and this is your life.”  The doctors will convince themselves too.

But will I be convinced too?
Will you, who have supported me, be convinced?
No, you will not, will you?
I will choose my way of life myself!

I just want to live longer, only that I want.

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