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The charity exibit is over.
Every day many people came and it was a great success.
Thank you very much!


October 4, 2010 16:05 After the hospital switch, and about the charity

I didn't write for a while, but I'm well.

On the 22nd, I was told that the cancer tumor was growing large and there were multiple metastases newly discovered in my brain and I was feeling completely hopeless, but the response comments to my diary I wrote that day really made me feel like I would never ever give up. I went to sleep holding my cell phone so tight.
I am sorry that I can't write response to everyone of you individually, but I want to say to you all that I could never feel this strong and encouraged without your support.

I cannot thank you enough.

Anyhow, I was surprised and humbled by the size of responses to the charity. This is all because of the help from Ojiyan and all other friends who are organizing it, not me. I'm sorry.. I'm just lying in bed and can't do anything.

I want to go to the event venue.
I want to go there to meet each one of you and thank you.

Well, I can't wait for that to happen but in the meantime the attendants seem to keep growing. Among them, I see names of my classmates from New York, someone who wanted to attend even though I met just once or twice and hardly spoke with, or someone who I haven't even met but heard about me and wanted to help. There will never be an event where this many artists from around the world get together to do an exhibition. I really can't believe that it is being done for me. Honestly, I'd never expected something like this to happen. I'm so thankful and humbled that I feel bad, to be honest.

Thank you so much everyone.
Really, thank you all.

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